Web Design Technology

Whenever you want to collect information from your viewers you are going to need a form. Most forms on the web today gather contact information such as email addresses, phone numbers, and post addresses. We can script forms that will gather information and email it to you, or enter it directly into a database for your future use. message boards, personalized web pages, or e-commerce all require forms and all are available to you here at Berry Bros. Inc.

Flash can dazzle and impress everyone on the net today. Moreover as bandwidth becomes less problematic with high-speed internet access increasing, Flash will come to dominate internet content. Moving pictures and sounds will stream from every site seeking to engage their clients in an increasingly multimedia environment.

If you don't know what a database driven content can do for your site here is the quick and dirty. A database is a storage shed for information, a shed that you have the key to. We can design a user friendly interface that lets you control the content of your website with immediate results! This is great for a newsletter page, events page, or for retail stores with lots of inventory they want to present online. Service companies benefit by giving their clients password protected access to pictures or files (like tax returns) online.

Shopping Carts and E-Commerce
Select from a variety of shopping carts plans to fit your needs. If you already have the ability to accept credit cards Berry Bros. Inc. has a low cost solution. If your credit card company has the ablity for internet transactions, we can work with them so you can process real time on the internet. PayPal is also an option.

Streaming Media
Streaming media is the best way to present audio or video online. You can have audio clips that describe your service or video of your facilities. Bands find it a great tool to provide examples of their music online.