What are stats?
That is just slang for statistics and it usually stands for a page that you can look at that will tell you how many people are looking at your site. The webserver stores information about who and when and where people are looking and there are many programs that will analyze those log files and produce a webpage (many times called a 'stats' page) that you can look at and understand that information.

Where can I find my stats page?
you can find your stats page at: www.(yourdomain)/stats so if your website was, for instance, then you would find your stats at

What will these reports tell me?

I am suppose to be able to understand this?
The most important information can be found at the top of the page. The unique visitors per day is probably the best quick gauge of how many people are looking at your site. For most small sites this number will be around 20. You should set a marking goal of getting 25 unique visitors a day looking at your site. The best way to do this is to tell everyone that does business with you where your website is. Have it on all your advertisements, all correspondence and anything that you distribute (like business cards).

What is the difference between Hits and Visits?
"Hits" indicates the number of times that any item was requested, whereas "Visits" specifies the number of sessions. Any access of a web page or a file will be processed as a "Hit" by the web server.

For example, if a web page contains 5 pictures, a visit on that page will be logged as 6 "hits" , one hit for the web page, 5 hits for the pictures.

If a visitor viewed 10 web pages on the web site, each page contain 10 pictures, the web server will record:
110 Hits
10 Page Views
1 visit