Web Hosting is a service industry. We are not marketing a product, a line of products or different pre-packaged units to fit everyone's needs. Here at Berry Bros. Inc. we treat our customers as unique clients that rely on us to provide them with a valuable service: a web presence. Web presence is different for every businesses. We all have different levels of need and different levels of economy when looking at options available to us on the internet. Most small businesses need to provide information about their services and products, larger businesses may want to expand their ability to provide those products and services. Beyond that the internet is increasingly growing as a way to make business more convenient. The transfer of information from company to company and from company to consumer will come to be dependant on the internet and the computer networks of the world. This is not scary, this is evolution...

As with all things in our human economy people become more and more specialized, and it is this specialization that others' value - it is why small service based businesses can flourish in a capitalist economy. When you pay for service from Berry Bros. Inc. you are not buying a product, you are paying for our valuable skills and advice relating to the internet and what you want your web presence to be.

I personally thank each and everyone of you - I can now be rewarded to do what I love; learn and grow.

Don Berry