How can I filter spam?
Berry Bros. Inc. can filter your spam emails. Just let us know if you like to have this feature added to your email addresses.

How can I prevent spam?

1. If you put your email address on your website, check with your web designer to make sure it has been encoded.

2. Don't fill out any non-secured forms with your email address. Go to hotmail or yahoo and sign up for a free email account and use that address whenever you are asked for your email address. Only give your email address out to real people you want to talk to.

3. Don't forward emails or open forwarded emails. All those jokes and stories your aunt forwards to all her friends are no good for your email privacy. At a minimum i would recommend you just delete it without reading to be safe. I ask those that insist on forwarding emails to copy the content and creat a new email.

If you have become overwhelmed with spam you can start over. Contact us to setup a new email address for you. If you start over and keep these rules in mind you should be able to keep spam to a minimum for a couple of years.