1. Quality Customer Service:
As you may have already read in our statement we know that web design and web hosting are not products. They are instead just two of many of services that you will get when you sign up with Berry Bros. Inc. As a small fish in a very large sea of internet service providers we focus on customer service as our number one reason to do business with us. If you have a problem, need advice, or just have a question about anything that we do here, all you need do is call. We will exhaust every resource at our disposal so that you never have to hear "that is not our problem". Many times things don't work like they should and it can quickly become annoying to try and resolve these problems. Even when the problem has nothing to do with our hardware or software, the problem still needs to be solved and we will help you do just that - because if you are my client then it is our problem.

2. Competitive Pricing:
Luckily (for me and other small business like me) the internet grew much faster than society was ready to handle. The infrastructure is huge and growing. Technology is continuing to advance by Moore's Law long after he thought it could not sustain such growth. (doubling in speed and capacity every 18 months!) Because of this small providers can provide a highly dependable and inexpensive internet services to their clients. We are always looking at what other ISP's are charging for their services and we are constantly improving our services and even reducing our price to remain economically competitive. I encourage you to research to fullest extent what is available to you on the internet then check out our Web Hosting page to see how much more you can get for you money!

3. Self-Improvement:
As stated in the previous paragraph the internet and computer technology is advancing at a dizzying rate. You need a dedicated professional to keep up to date with everything that is available to you and hazards that will beseech your new web presence. At Berry Bros. Inc. education and learning is seen as just part of what this job is. Technology will always be dynamic and so shall we!