Data Bases and Scripts

Berry Bros. Inc. can design a user friendly interface that lets the website owner control the content of their website. Uses include a newsletter or events page and shopping cart items. Scripts can be used to provide a client password protected area.

Here are some examples:

this simple order form allows the owner of the business to control the items listed.
Cost: $125
Order Form
our listserver service allows clients to learn and sign up right online - you can maintain contact lists and have a form on your site that allows customers to enter contact information directly into the database.
Cost: $800
this gallery is totally maintained by the art house that contracted it's design - they control all the content with a user friendly interface and have added thousands of paintings!
Cost: $1000

perhaps some description of what the webmaster needs to do to use a Data Base and/or scripts in their website?.. ie what you do, what they do. Maybe an example of the password protected use? mcca?