Web Design Cost

Every design is unique, and depending on which web designer you want to work with the fees can vary some. You can estimate that standard design work will be from $35 to $50/hr. and scripts, flash, or intense graphic design is usually $60 to $75/hr. If you decide to have us design your site, we will setup a meeting and discuss what your goals are and how much you can afford. After that meeting we can give a quote for a design that meets your needs. Quotes are given on a not-to-exceed basis, which means you will know the most you could pay for your particular site.

Below are some examples to give you better estimation of what you can expect to pay in design fees.

Basic 3 page site with your company mission, contact page, and maybe an information page about the services you provide $225

Pleasing 5 page site including an automated contact form and information about your employees $450

Complete 10-15 page site e-newsletter with signup form, complete list of products with pictures and descriptions, maybe more advanced subscription forms or some flash design $850

Dynamic site with database driven content that you control, possibly for a shopping cart or a gallery, user accounts for easy transfer of information to your clients $2200