I do not personally believe in censorship as a justifiable democratic institution. Economy will ultimately determine the "moral majority". If people want it they'll pay for it, likewise if one finds something disturbing or inappropriate they can make the choice not to support it with their dollars. Lets face it, if there was no money to be made in pornography there wouldn't be any on the internet today.

I do believe that although I do not have the right to block others' access to pornography, it is my right in a capitalist society to make money and to spend money as I choose as long as that decision doesn't violate universal rights to man (i.e. to deny service to someone because they are a black women). The exploitation of sexuality is a choice made of the participant and of the viewer and it brings no necessary (universal) harm for me to choose to or not to participate. At Berry Bros. Inc. we will not profit from an industry who's business model is to show acts of sexuality.

This decision is based largely on feedback from the community of clients that are already with us and is not intended to judge those that choose to view or create pornography. It is a personal decision I hope you will respect just as I show respect for your right to do otherwise.

-Don Berry