Wind Powered Web Hosting

Berry Bros. Inc. is proud to announce that thanks to a unique program available from our local utility company we are able to bring you green webhosting. Participation in this program guarantees that there will be enough energy on our grid generated from wind energy to cover our energy needs. The wind farms are located in Southwestern Minnesota and the programs are Green-E certified. We are required to a pay bit of premium for our electricity in exchange for this guarantee, but we hope it will just be another reason in long list to start or to continue to do business with Berry Bros. Inc. Always service oriented, and now green, hosting company from Stillwater Minnesota.

Web Hosting Service and Support

Berry Bros. Inc. is based in Stillwater, Minnesota, and has been providing high value web hosting services to clients for over seven years.

Here at Berry Bros. Inc. we treat our customers as unique clients that rely on us to provide them with a valuable service: a web presence. What you need from your internet is unique to your business and your plan. Whether it be website design, website hosting, email solutions or ecommerce, Berry Bros. Inc. can help you create the web identity you want for a price you can afford.

When you pay for web hosting from Berry Bros. Inc., you get more than just the security that your information is available to the world, you gain access to valuable skills and advice relating to the internet. Talk to a real person with real solutions today!